Developments Of Practice

Deep Thought


I have experienced a loss of two very close souls my mother, and aunt. I am a spiritual person and I refused to think negative thoughts that would worsen my emotions and feeling.


I started questioning and imagining, trying to fill the emptiness in my head of especially mothers absents, what if her energy went on to some were else in the universe and not just vanish or go to the traditional Heaven or hell.

While dealing with these emotions and feeling, whether happy or sad, I used drawing and music to express my feeling as I am unable to communicate with her. I started wondering if heaven does exist, would it be stillness or quietness. I began experimenting for example drawing, painting and combining the work with technology.

I used my graphite to express feelings and emotions by drawing on tracing paper freely across the surface creating shapes and lines whilst engaging with the music.  I started to imagine how things might be wherever the soul is located if there is such a place.

I further used my emotions and fears to let out feeling that I’m feeling at that moment, then drawing into that piece of work I’ve have just started to create. I thought about the link between mother and child, traits passed down through generations DNA for example by one’s smile, walk, look and reaction, I continued to look more into my family three and their similarities.


I spent quite a lot of time thinking about how things might work in the whole system of life itself trying to understand and adapt to life without having that loved one around me, that I used to interact with on daily daises, which affect my life every day.

As I was so close to my mother she frequently appears in my dreams, as I tend to worry if she is all right and if there is more to life after life. Looking at the link between me and this beautiful energy, curious about my genes and father’s and my mother’s background.

I started Researching the inside of the human body and the reproductive system and how they work. I found it fascinating, also gruesome and very compacted.  

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